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Praise for Dancing with Eternity

“Dancing With Eternity is about life and death. It is also about love and loneliness, pain and joy, and what could happen if those experiences and emotions wither away. Most of all, the book is about loss—loss of intimacy, of loved ones, and of connections to other people as a result of technology.

“Readers of the genre will likely recognize the influences of Olaf Stapledon, Fred Pohl, Cordwainer Smith, and other writers from the early years of American science fiction. Lowrie has taken those influences and kneaded them into his own life experiences to produce a story that is at once fantastic and recognizable, populated by real people with real dilemmas against a backdrop of stellar travel and adventure. This novel well deserves its selection as the inaugural ForeWord Firsts winner.”

J.G. Stinson, ForeWord Magazine

“Dancing with Eternity flows very well on the page and both the universe and the characters are revealed slowly with moments of tension, adventure, desperate situations and escapes, while twists and turns abound. The novel so impressed me that I had to reread it immediately after finishing it and then I appreciated even better the little tidbits whose full import the reader won’t realize until much later. Overall Dancing with Eternity (A++, top 10 novel of 2011) is a stellar debut that shows why science fiction is still the most interesting genre of today.”

Liviu Suciu, Fantasy Book Critic

“A travelogue in the best tradition of A.E. van Vogt’s Voyage of the Space Beagle  …. Along the way, the author explores human relations in a future without death—or nearly so. In some ways, perhaps unintentionally, the book conveys an almost religious message:  Beliefs and sorrows spring from the past, and hope looks to the future, but only love transcends time.”

—Recommended on NewMyths.com by Robert Enstrom

“This truly is a fascinating take on our future and is something I think many people will enjoy with John’s imaginative (and at times almost foreshadowing), expansive and engaging storytelling. Needless to say, the reader is in for a fast-paced, fun and intelligent ride that never seems to let up.  With the witty characters and detailed story, it will keep anyone reading it engaged and wanting more.  For a first-time author, Mr. Lowrie knocked it out of the park like a true veteran of the genre.  I highly recommend this book to any fan of science fiction or a fan of adventure in general as it delivers on all fronts.”

Mike Angileri, Rely On Horror.com

“Every once in a while, a new novel comes along that is both epic in scope and, at the same time, focused on a very personal, human drama. John Patrick Lowrie’s characters do indeed dance with eternity .... This dense story is far richer than a capsule summary can suggest. In the best tradition of the best science fiction, the galactic setting is painted with vivid, believable detail .... I suspect many readers will find themselves holding on to their copy so they can return to this adventure at least one more time. Dancing with Eternity can’t be fully absorbed in one go. You’ll want to re-boot yourself—back to the first page.”

Dr. Wesley Britton, BookPleasures.com

“Dancing with Eternity crackles on every page ... Lowrie has written an amazingly bright and witty story about our distant future.” 

Chuck Sigars, Mukilteo (WA) Beacon

“In the far flung future, the human experience is a much different one indeed. Dancing with Eternity is a science fiction novel set in the fortieth century and following the misadventures and failures of Mohandas in an otherwise more perfect universe. Humorous and thoughtful, Dancing with Eternity may prove a fun read for science fiction fans with a strong interest in deep space travel and other elements of the far flung future.”

—Midwest Book Review/Small Press Bookwatch

“Two thousand years from now, people don’t die; they just reboot, choosing what to remember, what to forget. The results are not always what they—or we—expect. In Dancing with Eternity, John Lowrie has imagined a richly detailed world of space travel among colonized planets by characters whose minds and bodies alike are malleable, the specs stored on the ‘net’ and retrievable when necessary. The storytelling in this novel is lush and highly imaginative, and backed by the author’s encyclopedic knowledge of our world and his deep understanding of what makes us human.”

—Jerry Stubblefield, author of Homunculus (Black Heron Press)

Dancing With Eternity by John Patrick Lowrie is not only a terrific E-ticket ride of speculative fiction, it is also a very thought-provoking novel of ideas. I got swept away by the scope of the story, and spent many hours contemplating the moral, ethical and social challenges of ‘rebooting.’ Anyone who enjoys reading either Kim Stanley Robinson or Neal Stephenson will get a big kick out of this book!”

—Hugh Hastings, Actor

“In Dancing With Eternity John has constructed the idyllic science fiction novel with all the elements that real fans crave: adventure, mystery, space travel, alien worlds, hard science projections, and a wonderful cast of characters from a future society.  But, more important, the book dances with timeless philosophical questions which may require hard-thinking, real-life answers much sooner than we realize."

—Frank Simcoe, author, Ridiculous Destiny

“An utterly believable depiction of other worlds and races, imagination drips from every page. John Patrick Lowrie has more talent than any human being has a right to possess. A triumph of science fiction. I only wish I’d written it!”  

M J Elliott, Editor of The Whisperer in Darkness, The Horror in the Museum, The Right Hand of Doom, The Haunter of the Ring

“As an ex-NASA tether specialist and consultant on the Shuttle tether missions, I found this a refreshingly accurate narrative of what it might be like to experience such life and related activities that (are) outside our normal realms.” 

—Dave Lang

“As I was enjoying this book, stepping through a delightful minefield of lifeless sacred cows, I found the advanced computer concepts presented within assembling themselves in actual experiments in the real world without!”

—Chuck Pliske, former NASA Computer Engineer.

“At a time in which we are increasingly uncertain about our future, Lowrie creates a plausible scenario in which there is no death as we now experience it, and explores how such a world would play out.  In the process he challenges our traditional beliefs about love, sex and spirituality.”  

—Janet Pliske, D.D.

Dancing with Eternity is a fascinating sci-fi thriller that depicts the world as it might be in the future .... It is a fairly quick read because the flow of the storyline keeps you fascinated and intrigued. This is one book that sci-fi enthusiasts should put on their “must-read” list.”

—Tracey Rock for Reader Views